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Uvita Waterfall

The Uvita Waterfall is a wonderful place for young kids and adventurous adults alike. On the way in, delicious, fresh smoothies are made and sold. Also, keep in mind that there is a small entrance fee, then you’re free to enjoy your time.

On the path to the marvelous waterfall, you’ll find a butterfly garden where blue morphos, owl butterflies, and more beautiful species flourish in the rich greens of their habitat. Up the short trail, the kids enjoyed themselves on the tire swing while the others were introduced to unique plants. After this quick and easy walk, you reach the Catarata de Uvita; a waterfall that flows into a large swimming area.

The freshwater and the cool temperatures make this waterfall the perfect place to rinse off after a trip to the beach. A sturdy footway takes you up to a jumping platform high above the water – not to worry, this jump is completely safe! There is also a very thrilling rock slide that leads into another pool just a bit further up the pathway and it is the perfect activity for very adventurous people.

Though these activities do take some bravery, the excitement is completely worth it! While the deep water is great for these feats, there is also shallow water along the edge that’s perfect for floating and splashing. Some things to be careful about: the pathways, ladders, and rocks can be slippery, and the impact from the jump is strong, especially for young children. The swimming area is just downstream, so keep an eye out for kids and belongings that may fall into the water. Use your judgment, stay safe, and have fun exploring! The calm, teal waters and the abundant plants of Catarata de Uvita are a truly beautiful places where nature and humans can thrive together.

If you would like to experience the catarata (waterfall) for yourself, contact us for more information.

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